Monday, 8 October 2007

Crisp Ads

Crisp ads is a long standing publisher with a fantastic affiliate scheme. As a publisher they have focused on the blogging market which many other advertisers have ignored, possibly to their cost. Crisp ads remains one of the more stable and reliable companies out there at the moment and I would heartily recommend them.

Crisp ads has a whole range of options for creating advert sizes and content, on top of that it will let you set a minimum price for any publishers who want sole rights to ad space on your website. The ads tend to accurately match what you place on your website and fit smoothly into your webs layout with colour and size customisable adverts.

There are only two bad points that can be said about Crisp Ads.

Firstly their website is very basic, with minimum reporting options. Though this is not a major issue but may affect some people.

The second is that it is made for blogs and is therefore not really suitable for other types of website.

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